Walker Cabin

established in 1938

Jean Beaman Walker

Jean Beaman Walker

The Cabin-on-the-Creek was built in 1938 and 1939 by Jean and John Walker for use as a counselor training facility for a nearby girls' camp, on land acquired from the Holston Conference of the Methodist Church. It is located on a large lot which is bordered on two sides by the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It has a large screened-in side porch which overlooks LeConte Creek, a rushing and gurgling stream which begins at the top of Mt. LeConte and which marks the boundary with the Park. The sounds of the creek make it seem as if it is raining all night.

In the 1950s five upstairs bedrooms and an enclosed dining room were added and in the 1980s an apartment was added; a caretaker lives there now. The kitchen features two stoves and two refrigerators and was designed by a home economics teacher. Construction is entirely of beautifully grained wood. There is a large grassy side yard occasionally visited by deer and bears. The Cabin is only a mile from downtown Gatlinburg but it is an oasis of peace and tranquility. The Cabin is easily accessible by car, even in winter, and very difficult to leave.

We look forward to your stay.



We had an amazing five days here. Three families travelled together from Massachusetts! It was totally worth it. We saw amazing wildflowers and had beautiful hiking in great weather. What a special place! Thank you to the Walker family for such a special opportunity and gracious hosting. — Maya Minkin

I had a great time hiking all the way up Mt. LeConte. The next day I was very sore but it was worth it!!! — Beatrice Maxwell, 9 years old, Maya’s daughter

Thank you for another delightful experience, and the whippoorwill sang for us! — Gail Lawrence

Great to see how the forest is beginning a quick recovery after the big fire. It is a wonder this cabin was spared. — Tate family

This area means so much to our family. We started vacationing on LeConte Drive in 1954. We have been coming back about every year since... I grew up playing in LeConte Creek. I along with my sisters and brother caught fish, crawdads, and salamanders. We always released them unharmed. We have so many special memories on this creek. We have watched our children and grandchildren find their love of nature here.” — Nancy Pilgrim

Beautiful, well-loved, well-maintained, comfortable cabin on the creek.  — Michael &  Thomason

Magical place for kids of all ages from 6 to 46... We had a wonderful time and can see why this is such a special Walker place. — The Hirschbergs

Jean’s cabin will always be a special place where we unwind create ‘no phone zone’ areas to spend time in the moment, enjoy each others’ company, and create memories we’ll cherish for a lifetime. Thank you for keeping Jean’s dream alive and sharing this special place with so many.” — The Wolfes

Our family returned to ‘the Cabin’ after 50 years. We are older and with new family members this trip. With age comes a healthy fear of breaking a bone or surprising a snake! Things we never thought about as children... We enjoyed introducing ‘the Cabin’ to our next generation, and we certainly enjoyed the laughter of the young kids playing in the creek as we did a long time ago.” — Matthews family, Caughron family, Cherney family

I adore how you’ve honored your Mother with this homey cabin! — Jill Wright

We are totally in love with the Walker Cabin on the Creek. Our entire family from 2 year olds to great grandmother were here and we had room to spare. Everything we needed and more is here for the guests to use and a quick trip to the grocery store and the kitchen came together like a dream. The entire time we ate in with no fast food or restaurants.  — The Richard Wilson family

Your mom's wonderful love of nature, life, people was alive and well among all nine of us women. What a gift this place, your pictures, your poetry and your example has been for all of us this extended weekend. Love & God are in this little cabin touching hearts and changing lives as we turn away from the busyness of our lives to the quiet gentleness of this place. We are so very gratified for this time & place. Can't wait to return! — Karen, Kathy, Flo, Katy, Jackie, Cindy, Nancy, Diane, and Pat

This truly is one of my favorite places on earth. — Ashley Wolfe

What a perfect place for a girls weekend away...We were pleasantly surprised by how well the house was equipped. Absolutely everything we needed was here. And for the price! This place is fantastic! Loved sitting on the porch with the beautiful creek. Loved hiking out the back door. We all can't wait to bring our families here. — Lisa, Mariah, Beth, Sarah, Melissa, Felicity, Aly & Harper

It was a perfect mixture of adventure and time to relax, good food and plenty of creek playtime. — Natasha Shannon and Isabelle Kurtz

The best family vacation we've ever had! Already planning the next trip. — Kelly Parra

It's been a wonderful week for me as a colleague, as a person, and as a parent. Every day has had a full measure of adventure, incredible scenery, feelings of peace and joy, and a recurring sense of awe...Thank you! — Anthony Clay

Thanks for allowing us to continue making wonderful family memories! — Peg & Bill Severance

We choseby the Grace of God--a perfect end to the week at the perfect place, with perfect weather...We love the Walker cabin and the Walkers. — Jimmy Tipton

The visit to the cabin gave us a feeling of home. We want to come back and bring friends next time. — Terry & Dianne

The cabin is all that mother has told of. As I walked through--reading articles, poems, maps, etc.--I wished to meet Mrs. Walker in person. I really liked her style! My mother says 'this is the closest place to heaven on earth'...Nobody wanted to leave the cabin...What a legacy, what a vision, what a blessing. — Waynette Roberson

Wonderful fellowship, worship, prayer, spiritual and physical renewal for all… May the Lord bless this cabin and all who visit here! — Vicki Beaman Yuille

There's something about this place that brings each of us back to center… The weather was wonderful, the hikes were surreal, and the sound of the creek made each of us sleep with smiles on our faces. — Ashley Wolfe

Everyone loves the cabin and especially the setting. The sound of the creek, the wind in the trees and the view. We eat, shop, eat, watch football, eat, play games, eat, and sleep a little. — Jay Woods

I've been 1/2 way around the world in 2 directions and no place on Earth is as special to me as this creek...The countless hours of splashing, skipping rocks, romping through the forest, and the endless stubbing of big toes because I didn't like shoes. — Brian Rozema

My time that I had up at this cabin on the creek was the most exciting thing I have done in a long time… Cabin on the creek was the best! — Paige Brasher

After you get to know the house and you get settled in with your clothes every where and food in the kitchen, it seems like a second home. There is place for everyone to spend time (TV room, living room, multiple bedrooms). It also has the features that make you appreciate the things you come here for. Not many cabins have a wonderful view of the famous Creek and an amazing path to back into the woods and see what history has created. — Betty Rozema

We have come here for 10 years and always look forward to our stay. — Straders & Johnsons

We have made memories never to be forgotten. The children will always remember the fun in the creek. We all thank you for allowing us to enjoy this small piece of heaven. — Glenn and Betty Clepper and family

We could not keep the 6 kids out of the creek (7 to 13 years old). Four of them had never been to the mountains. Rhi and Selena say that they wish they could live here forever. . . Thanks for sharing this beautiful place. — Melissa Clepper Faith

Almost as wonderful as Elkmont! Thank you for sharing your little piece of heaven with us! See ya next year! — The Crawfords

Oh! how much we hate to pause and leave this wonderful 'Cabin on the Creek' in the morning. — Jim Wilson and family

This is The Place and we'll plan to come again. We have not been back to Gatlinburg in 30 years because we knew it had grown so commercial...when our friends...told us about Cabin on the Creek--we decided to try it again...Mainly we and they enjoyed the creek--the wonderful house and its history--your poems about your Mother and history of the area...Thanks so much for making this special place available to us — you will hear from us again! — The Vetters Family

What a wonderful, peaceful place this cabin is! We are already talking about coming back again. The beauty of the trees, the deep blue of the sky, the gentle sound of the water over the rocks create a little piece of heaven on earth. We have wonderful memories to take home with us. Thank you so much! — Gail Brannon

What a gift, what a treasure this space and time have been. Being away from it all, surrounded by beauty and nature's music has been so good for me. I have enjoyed your writings, pictures and warmth the cabin envelopes us in. — Karen Grant

Thank you for creating a place and space for us to take a break from our everyday worlds and to become re-acquainted with the real world. Your beautiful mountain home gave us the chance for inner reflection, enjoying lots of shared memories and to strengthen ties with each other. — June Heinisch Payne

The bedrooms are so comfortable with every convenience available. We've cooked and eaten till we're stuffed. — Peggy Bright

Wow. This is really the nicest place that I have ever been. If I had a backyard that was like this place… then I would never want to go anywhere else… This trip gets first place out of the other ones that I have been on. Thank you! — Madeline Raine Cole, 11

We had a great, wonderful time last week at the Cabin. It was perfect. I can't tell you how much fun we had even though the weather did not really cooperate with us. We went on hikes and walks on every path around the Cabin. Again, it was a perfect place and I can't imagine going to Gatlinburg and staying anywhere else. — Debbie and John Shires