2019 rates

Please expect to send a deposit of half the charges to secure your reservation.


$250 for a night

$1500 for a week, plus a tax of 14%, and a cleaning charge of  $100.00, paid separately.

Please note: If your group has more than 15 people sleeping at the cabin (excluding babies), please add an additional $10 per person per night. No pets inside, please. If a pet must come with you, please add $25 per pet to the cleaning fee and pay by check or cash in an envelope.

We love having people enjoy the Cabin on the Creek and use it as a doorway into nature and into each other. Our significant space for large groups to eat together, particularly out on our screened porch, is a major positive for the Cabin. A downside has revealed itself to us, as many groups rent space elsewhere for sleeping and use the Cabin for eating and socializing. We love that, but it does put an extra strain on the Cabin’s resources: water, electricity, wear and tear.

Therefore, we now ask renters to pay us $5.00 a person who does not spend the night at the cabin but who uses the cabin during the day. Thank you for helping us keep the Cabin available.



to reserve

If you are interested in renting this piece of paradise for a weekend or for a week, please contact: 
Henry Walker

Rental and tax payments can be made by personal check or through PayPal to Henry Walker,